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SPOT Global Phone


SPOT GPS has just released a new global satellite phone.

The SPOT Global Satellite phone allows you to stay connected while out on an adventure.  It provides you with all the great features of a mobile phone even when traveling beyond the reach of a cell tower.

The SPOT Global Phone has all the typical calling features of any mobile phone along with a data network which allows you to send emails, surf the internet and transfer files.  A voicemail feature ensures that you never miss a message, even when you aren't available.  The data network can be accessed by connecting your Global Phone to your computer.

The phone itself sports a 4-line, 12-character LCD display with volume signal and battery indicators.  The phone also contains a "minute alert" to help you manage your costs.  The lithium-ion battery is rated to last for up to 4 hours of talk time and 36 hours of standby.

This is the smallest, lightest global phone handset at just 5.3" tall and 2.2" wide.  It weighs just over 7 oz.

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