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Luci® Light


Luci® Light is an inflatable, waterproof, LED solar lantern which packs down to just an inch thick for easy transportation.


Made by MPOWERED, this light is designed for the outdoors and emergency preparedness. It requires direct sunlight to charge and generally works on a one to one charging to battery life ratio (an hour of charging will give you an hour of decent light). Full charge is reached in eight hours of direct sunlight (thought it may take longer on a cloudy day). It can store up to 12 hours worth of power, using the lowest light setting.


The ten LEDs provide up to 65 lumens of light, enough to illuminate about ten square feet (or one square meter).  The lantern has low light, full light and an emergency strobe setting.  When not in use, Luci holds a full charge for about three months. After that, she retains up to 50% of her charge for two years.


The PVC body inflates to 4×5 inches and compacts down to 1×5 inches. Luci weighs only 4 ounces.


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