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The Power of a Photo


A few weeks ago I posted a photo on Instagram and Facebook asking my friends for help. I needed a sponsor for a baseball team in Acayucan, Veracruz that didn't have uniforms. 

Ages 9-12, I watched these kids work extremely hard every week to prepare for games. Under the scorching sun they practiced 3 nights a week for several hours. 

"Come on boys we can do this, lets win this game," Alvaro Reyes told his teammates before they played the number one team in the league.

With hard work and discipline, they won that game by KO. This happens when one team is winning by so many points that the umpire calls the game. 

With makeshift uniforms they celebrated like they had one the World Series.

"We did it, we did it," the team yelled as their mothers proudly applauded.

I was so inspired by their resilience, I felt like they deserved to look like a real baseball team.

That's when I posted the picture of the team with a caption that read, "I need a company to help me and sponsor these kids with uniforms..." I wasn't sure what would happen but in the bottom of my heart I knew someone would help. Only 2 days after the photo was uploaded, an angel from Canada came to the rescue.

"I would love to sponsor the team," Sarah Crandall Haney wrote to me over an email.

With the biggest smile ever I responded to her and we got the ball rolling. Alongside the team and their parents, we designed their dream-uniform! It was such an amazing experience hearing what they wanted it to look like.

Last week, on my last day in Acayucan, the uniforms arrived. As we passed them out, the kids yelled and jumped with joy. I honestly had to fight back the tears as I watched these kids celebrate.

It is moments like this that make life special. I can't thank Sarah Crandall Haney enough for her help. If the world had more Sarah's, there would be many more smiles.