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On July 8, 2012, Filipe Masetti Leite, a Brazilian journalist based out of Toronto, embarked upon one of the most daring journeys of the 21st Century. The second-generation cowboy is riding two horses through 12 countries in North, Central and South America – a lifelong dream passed down from his father and inspired by Aime Tschiffelly’s 1925 ride from Argentina to Washington D.C. Filipe is traveling on horseback to explore, learn and engulf himself in the simplicity of a “natural way of life". Riding through hundreds of towns and villages on his nearly 10,000 mile journey, he'll engage with locals to hear their stories, sharing the most compelling narratives he finds. All the while you will see his personal footage updated weekly and follow his exact GPS coordinates on OutWildTV. Come along and experience Filipe's adventures and pitfalls while he experiences the wilderness, cities and towns of the Americas on his epic journey home.


10.29.14 In The End, Everything Works Out


A month has passed since I arrived home. My beard needs trimming and Dude has become a wild mustang once again. Two days ago he jumped the fence and spent half an hour putting on a bucking show around the farm. Frenchie and Bruiser watched unimpressed.


10.20.14 Home


For the past 803 days I have lived as a vagabond… a saddle tramp. Riding from ranch to ranch. Pitching my tent on top of mountains and in national parks. Carrying everything I own in my packsaddle. Bathing in cold rivers. Sharing meals with those who have nothing and those who have it all. I have felt the gut-wrenching fear of facing off against grizzly bears and drug cartels. I have slept on top of my saddle blankets hundreds of times - many nights thirsty and hungry. I have woken up drenched from heavy rains. Ridden through snow, sandstorms, and earthquakes... These past 803 days have been lived intensely.


10.17.14 A week in Barretos


I arrived in Barretos on August 23rd and for the next seven days I played a part in the largest rodeo in Latin America. Everyday after the rodeo ended, and before the shows began, I entered the arena to sold-out crowds. It was an amazing experience I will never, ever, ever forget!


10.15.14 Arriving in Barretos


A helicopter flies overhead as we push forward. With a spotlight under its belly, the chopper illuminates our path. It is 9:30pm. We ride towards the lights and sounds spewing out of the largest rodeo in Latin America. My ponies’ manes blow uncontrollably in the breeze…


10.02.14 The Cattle Road to Barretos


As I prepared to ride the final week on the road to Barretos I got a history lesson in Brazil’s cowboy culture and just how important this city was to the evolution of the cattle industry.


09.29.14 Mirassol


Only 113 kilometers away from Barretos, Os Independentes decided to throw me yet another party. This time it was to celebrate my arrival in Mirassol.


09.25.14 Riding with Nhonha


When I arrived in the city of Fernandopolis everything changed. A group of cowboys and cowgirls organized a large "welcome to town" party at a beautiful ranch where the ponies and I rested for two days. From this party on, there was never another dull moment.


09.22.14 Emma Brazier - A Friend of the Guild


The Long Riders’ Guild has recognized Emma's tremendous contribution to this historic Long Ride, naming her "A Friend of the Guild." I’m so happy for this announcement! It is such a prestigious title only given to those who help further Long Riding.


09.19.14 It's a dog eat chick world


From the town of Andradina I rode south towards Latin America's largest rodeo, Barretos. With each sunset, a nostalgia - triggered by the fact that we were nearing the end of our Long Ride - was building.


09.10.14 A Long Ride to the Mall


The state of São Paulo, like the rest of Brazil, is facing a horrible drought. Months have passed with no precipitation. The grass is yellow and the rivers are drying up. It’s a very worrying situation.


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