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Dispatch #74 - Beautiful Costa Rica

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On July 8, 2012, Filipe Masetti Leite, a Brazilian journalist based out of Toronto, embarked upon one of the most daring journeys of the 21st Century. The second-generation cowboy is riding two horses through 12 countries in North, Central and South America – a lifelong dream passed down from his father and inspired by Aime Tschiffelly’s 1925 ride from Argentina to Washington D.C. Filipe is traveling on horseback to explore, learn and engulf himself in the simplicity of a “natural way of life". Riding through hundreds of towns and villages on his nearly 10,000 mile journey, he'll engage with locals to hear their stories, sharing the most compelling narratives he finds. All the while you will see his personal footage updated weekly and follow his exact GPS coordinates on OutWildTV. Come along and experience Filipe's adventures and pitfalls while he experiences the wilderness, cities and towns of the Americas on his epic journey home.


04.09.14 The Panamanian Border


Prior to embarking on my Long Ride, I spent months doing research and speaking to CuChullaine O'Reilly, the founder of the Long Riders Guild. Having spent more than thirty years studying equestrian travel techniques on every continent and completing Long Rides across Pakistan, he is the best mentor a would-be Long Rider could ever ask for.


03.27.14 Rio Claro


After spending a great day in Uvita with the Sibaja family, we trekked towards the Panamanian border. I had been imagining this moment since I was a child - getting to the final country in Central America before loading my ponies on a boat for South America - Just as my hero Aime Tschiffely had done almost 100 years ago, but in reverse.


03.22.14 Road to Uvita


The road south from Hacienda Baru was full of surprises. In the early morning I arrived at Dominical beach, just a few kilometers from the a hacienda. The beautiful beach is home to surfers and hippies who camp on its shores for days enjoying the nice weather.


03.19.14 Hacienda Baru


Costa Rica is home to thousands of expats from around the globe. Whether it is Costa Rica’s rich jungles, volcanoes or stunning coastlines, this country has a special charm that attracts international travelers and makes them want to stay forever.


03.12.14 Quepos


From Jaco we made our way south towards Quepos. Once again, the heat made it hard to move but it was the ocean that brought the greatest danger.


03.04.14 Jaco


After a long and sweaty week, the boys and I arrived in Jaco - aka the beach. With 2.6 miles of supreme coast line, Jaco offers world renowned surfing. For those who don't know me, I may be a cowboy but when it comes to the ocean I gladly exchange my horses for the waves.


03.01.14 Pacific Ocean


With Evan Leiva following me in his truck, Frenchie, Bruiser and I made our way out of Liberia. The support vehicle came in very handy as I was riding in the dark. Due to the extreme heat and humidity here in Costa Rica, I am forced to begin my days before the sun rises.


02.26.14 Liberia, Costa Rica


Liberia is the largest city and capital of Guanacaste - Costa Rica's most visited Province by tourists from around the globe.


02.21.14 Costa Rica


With the chaos of the border crossing behind us, Frenchie, Bruiser and I began our trek through Costa Rica.


02.12.14 One More Border


With Dude's traumatic fall behind us, we said goodbye to Nicaragua. As I rode the final 20 kilometers to the Costa Rican border with Frenchie and Bruiser, I was thankful for our lives.


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