Journey America Part 2

Perito Moreno

With the weather finally clearing for the first day in weeks, we rode out of Rio Mayo. And for this stretch of land we had some special traveling companions.
Clara, our friend from El Bolson and Toti’s friend Lucio from Buenos Aires, joined us for 4 days. It was such a nice break to have our friends out with us on yet another lonely stretch. Especially with the heavy winds which began to blow as soon as we entered the province of Santa Cruz on the end of our first day.
Every morning the four of us ate breakfast together in the back of the van and in the late afternoons we played cards and laughed the night away. It was amazing. Clara walked with me and rode on for a few hours everyday and made this long stretch go by a lot quicker.
On our last night on the road the temperature dropped drastically and it began to rain. In the middle of the night it sounded like the rain had stopped. When we awoke and opened the door of the van the world was all white! A heavy snow storm had hit and we were caught in the middle of it.
Like so many times before, there was no other option then to saddle my horses and continue on. Putting the saddle on Picasso’s back was a struggle. The heavy winds made the simple task nearly impossible and the freezing temperature made my fingers burn with pain. After about 15 minutes we were ready to go.
The hard wet snow slashed my face like tiny razor blades. My toes were cramped and numb inside my cowboy boots, and my fingers, covered in icy gloves. All I could feel was pain. I closed my eyes and focused on the rhythm of Sapo and Picasso’s hooves hitting the slick pavement.
By late afternoon, I arrived in the small town of Perito Moreno, Santa Cruz. I was frozen. The strong Patagonian winds, the recent rain, snow and freezing temperatures had taken their toll. My frustration worsened when Toti announced that the van was making a strange noise.
“I spoke to a mechanic in town and he said we may be stuck here for a few days, they don’t have the parts we need,” he said as I unsaddled Picasso.
I felt defeated.
Everyday we have to deal with a new problem out here. After 1 year on the road, I’m getting tired of never having an easy day.

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