Journey America Part 2

On the road again

During my week off in Bariloche, while talking to my mom about how sad I was to continue the journey alone now that Ramon Bastias had returned home, she suggested posting my need for a support driver on Facebook since I have more than 15,000 followers.
Her idea worked! In less than 24 hours I received many messages from Brazilians, Uruguayans and Argentines, all offering to lend me a helping hand. But one stood out: A 26-year-old gaucho from Buenos Aires province who had stopped me on the side of the highway a month back to ask if I needed anything.
“Filipe, I spent four months travelling on horseback from Buenos Aires to Salta a couple of years ago and would love to drive the support van for you,” wrote Sebastian Cichero, or Toti as his friends call him.
I called him, and the next day he was in Bariloche.
The moment I met Toti I liked him! Even though we are from different countries we speak the same language – the horse. It was like we had grown up together!
We organized the van and got everything ready to ride out towards Cholila, our first resting spot, while a farrier worked on the ponies feet. We knew the road would not be easy the next few days. A lot of switch backs would guide us through the cordillera. And secretly, I worried if Toti and I would get along in the face of adversity. After all, through hard times, even best of friends fight. I wondered if Toti worried as well.
With only one afternoon to get to know one another, we started our trip together through Patagonia! Happy to be back on the road and rested I bid farewell to Bariloche – one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited in my life. Hopefully Toti and I get along!

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