Journey America Part 2

Hippies, Hops, and Happiness

It’s easy to understand why hippies have been flocking to El Bolson since the 70s! The gorgeous little town sits in between two mighty mountain peaks and the nature in the area is abundant.
While walking around the local outdoor market, laughter and positive vibes permeated the air while children in long skirts and colourful clothing ran around as free as the wind. Pipes, clothing, bongos, food and an array of crafts were sold.
The first night we were in town, Chino, one of the park rangers who helped us a few days prior, invited Toti and I to his home for dinner. His wife and daughters, Azul and Clara welcomed us with open arms and homemade pizzas.
I love spending time with different families along this journey. It’s amazing how quickly they seem to become my own!
The next morning we had the horses shod, washed our clothes, and I worked on blogs. In the late afternoon we met Azul and Clara for a few beers and they told us how El Bolson produces some of the best hops in Argentina.
“There are many microbreweries here in El Bolson and Bariloche,” Clara told us as we tried a blond beer made right there – delicious.
Feeling refreshed, I rode out of El Bolson on a beautiful sunny morning. At 10am, a solar eclipse made the morning cooler and everything turn yellow. Clara and her family met me on the side of the road to bid me farewell and to allow me to see the solar eclipse using an old X-ray.
I can’t thank this beautiful family enough for treating us so well while we rested in their gorgeous town.

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