Journey America Part 2


From El Bolson I rode south towards Cholila. Once again the road snaked around large mountains and passed next to beautiful lakes.
“I can’t wait to see Butch Cassidy’s cabin,” I said to Toti while we ate dinner on the side of the road one night.
We were both super excited to see where Butch, the Sundance Kid and Ether Place hid when they made a run from the United States in the nineteen hundreds. When I entered the valley where the cabin still stood, I was transported to the Western United States. The rolling hills. The dark-yellow grass. The mountains in the back drop. I could have been riding in Wyoming or Texas. And to see this in the saddle made me believe this is what made these gangsters choose this location to live when they arrived in Patagonia.
Toti arrived a few hours earlier and found an amazing ranch for us to rest. And it happened to be the land where Butch’s Cabin was AND Peppe, the owner, had his own little museum.
“My favourite piece… that’s a hard question. It’s probably this wooden rocking horse, my parents gave it to me when I was a little boy, it was my first pony,” the cute elderly man said standing over the little wooden horse.
After seeing his museum Peppe told us about how his wife had recently passed away a few days earlier. It was heart breaking. His eyes filled with water as he told us how he still felt lost.
“You live with someone your entire life and then one day they are gone… I still dont know what to do when I’m home alone,” he said.
We tried to keep Peppe busy and his mind off of the death of his great love. But it had a deep affect on me. That night I fought to fall asleep, thinking about how hard it must be to lose your wife after a lifetime together.

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